Mercurochrome gum stain

SKU: 2052130 mercurochrome gum stain


Gum stain of laboratories Mercurochrome promotes external removing stains and discolorations of the teeth (related to tea, coffee, nicotine...)

  • gum is very convenient thanks to its handle "toothbrush" and use fast.
  • Gum allows by a simple gesture to improve the brightness of your teeth.
  • Mouthpiece Exfoliating allows a precise and targeted cleaning

operating gum stain removal tips:

  • Before using the gum stain, be sure to wash the teeth as well as freshly rinsed.
  • Rub gently teeth by making small movements and by rotating the gum regularly.
  • Insist a little longer on the toughest stains.
  • Rinse and repeat the operation if necessary.


  • It is recommended not to use the gum more than once per week.
  • Do not use if the gum is worn.
  • If the stains persist consult a dentist.