Mercurochrome grater electric

Destiny women and men wishing to eliminate the Horn and the calluses from feet to let beautiful and sweet.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

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Specially designed to eliminate the horns and calluses and dead, the electric grater skin Mercurochrome to get smooth feet and soft thanks to its 3 interchangeable heads:

- A grater in steel, which gently eliminates horns and calluses: it is equipped with a washable skin, tank, for optimal hygiene.

- A lime coarse-grained to eliminate dead skin cells (+ 1 supplied charging)

- A lime fine grain for a perfect finish (+ 1 supplied charging)

Tip: hydrate feet after use with a moisturizer.

The grater works with 4 AA batteries included.

directions for use:

Turn on your device: press the button "ON / OFF" once to turn on the device, and once again to turn it off. Make sure to keep it in hand.

Place the appliance on the area of the foot.

Apply the appliance slowly over your feet, by making regular stops to check the results.

When you feel more comfortable, you can exercise a higher pressure on the device.

Attention: as soon as you feel that dead skin has been removed or that the unit is back in contact with healthy skin or that a pre-ulcer has been reduced, discontinue use of the device.

If irritation or pain, stop use immediately.

Do not use the appliance more than 3-4 seconds in a row on the same area of the foot.


Electric grater + 3 heads + 4 AA batteries