Mercurochrome dressings wound superficial 11 dressings

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Mercurochrome superficial wound dressing is indicated for the treatment of wounds which bleed more. De plus, il, promotes healing, relieves pain. The hydrocolloid pad absorbs the secretions of the wound and form a white gel. Its transparent support is impermeable to water.

Adapted for optimal handling and protection form. The hydrocolloid pad forms a dermo-restoring gel, which promotes healing and relieves pain. He stays in place several days and withdrew without pain.

2 sizes: 6 standards / 5 fingers.


For superficial wounds.

Operating tips:

Stop the bleeding by squeezing with sterile dry gauze. Clean with antiseptic solution without alcohol then rinse. Carefully dry the wound and its periphery. Heat dressing in the hands and then apply it and avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers and smoothing the edges. Do not remove the bandage. It will blast off himself.


1 box 11 dressings "2 formats".