Mercurochrome dressings technology money box 30

SKU: 2050135 mercurochrome dressings technology money box 30


This box contains 30 dressings in 3 sizes flesh and transparencies, with particles of silver money is recognized for its disinfectant properties, this natural 100% antibacterial is used in hospitals, it is effective against many germs.

These particles of silver dressings have pharmaceutical qualities:

  • reduces the risk of infections
  • promotes the healing
  • water resistant
  • glue not wound

silver dressings technology operating tips:

  • Clean the part to protect and its circumference.
  • Exit the dressing of its packaging and remove protective fins.
  • Applying the Central compress on the wound. Do join the dressing on the side 4.
  • Renew as often as necessary at least once per day.