Mercurochrome dressings healing Active 6 dressings

Dressings promoting healing, which quickly relieve. Painless removal.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

SKU: 2050238


Healing Active Mercurochrome dressings allow a faster healing of wounds, in dry or wet conditions. They have a patented technology that combines:

-Acti-colloids (association of hydrocolloids and vaseline) particles,

- a pad that absorbs the bleeding while leaving the skin breathe,

- a media very comfortable to facilitate your movements.

Hydrocolloids and vaseline form a gel that promotes healing in a humid environment, and prevents the dressing adhere to the wound. The dressing is removable without pain. Effectiveness tested under medical supervision.


The dressings healing Active Mercurochrome is intended for the care of superficial wounds, such as abrasions, cuts, scrapes or scratches. Single use.

Operating tips:

Treatment lasting between 5 and 6 days. Renew once after 24 hours, and then every 48 hours. Use on wounds localized, whose size is not greater than the compress.

Clean the wound with an antiseptic without alcohol, then rinse and dry carefully with a sterile compress. A possible reuse reduces the effectiveness of the dressing and carries a risk of infection. If in doubt, consult with your pharmacist or your doctor.


Particles hyrdocolloides and vaseline


Box of 6 bandages medium format