Mercurochrome dressings fingers box of 12

dressings specially designed for the protection of the finger wounds.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

SKU: 2050220 mercurochrome dressings fingers box of 12


A wide selection of dressings for fingers, amongst which you will find the latest innovations of Mercurochrome. box of 12 dressings. Resist water, hypoallergenic, ultra-extensibles and micro-aerated respect for your skin. 2 formats to protect the finger: 6.6 cm and 2 cm.

  • The extra-long is designed specifically for the protection of the joints. It helps keep the mobility of the fingers and accompanies him in the movements.
  • Butterfly-shaped dressing is adapted to the shape of the thumb, ergonomic shape ensures a better protection.

Tips for using Mercurochrome dressings fingers:

Dressing is renewed as often as necessary and at least once per day.