Mercurochrome dressings bath Aqua-Resistant box 16

aqua-resistant dressing.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

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SKU: 2050216 mercurochrome dressings bath Aqua-Resistant box 16


Dressing aqua-resistant of Mercurochrome laboratories is essential to protect wounds either to the sea, the pool and shower. It is waterproof. a box contains 16 transparent dressings of 3 different sizes.

  • Aqua resistant: thanks to his support that sticks on its 4 sides, the dressing will not let pass water or bacteria.
  • Air-permeable: thanks to its texture permeable to air, the dressing breathable skin and the wound.
  • Fine and ultra-flexible: particularly suitable for activities in the water, dressing sticks to the movement thanks to its soft texture polyurethane.

Tips for using dressings bath Mercurochrome

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the wound and its circumference.
  • Remove the dressing from the packaging and pull the fins of protection.
  • Applying the Central compress on the wound.
  • Well adhering dressing on all 4 sides.