Mercurochrome dressing liquid crevices 3.25 ml

Liquid to apply a protective film transparent dressing on crevices.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

SKU: 2050245


The dressing liquid crevices of Mercurochrome effectively fights against crevices, cracks and chapping. Essential fatty acids that comprise participate in the regeneration of the skin.

In addition to relieving pain, this bandage heals and closed cracks. It is necessary to treat these superficial injuries often associated with cold or moisture.

Water resistant the dressing forms a transparent film, which protects the skin from external aggressions and limit the expansion of the crack. His brush facilitates a precise application.


The crevices Mercurochrome liquid bandage is intended for all persons to treat crevices, cracks and chapping.

Operating tips:

To begin, clean the crevasse using an antibacterial alcohol-free and rinse. Do not there is bleeding. Take care to cover the entirety of the crevasse of liquid, using the brush.

The liquid dries almost instantly. Then remove the bandage in re-applying a drop top and wiping with a compress. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day until that the crevasse is closed. The brush does not require cleaning. Use in the 6 months that follow the opening.


Isopropanol, nitrocellulose, ethyl acetate, ethanol, hydroxypropylcellulose, castor oil, wheat germ oil.


3.25 ml bottle