Mercurochrome dressing liquid canker sores 10ml

SKU: 2050247


Mercurochrome offers a range of treatments of first aid and usable for daily on the superficial wounds. So it offers a wide choice of dressing and including dressings liquid.

The dressing liquid canker sore creates a protective film on the injured area. In addition, it relieves and promotes the healing of the canker sore. Its insulating action helps protect the canker sore food and saliva during 4 hours. His spatula allows precise application. Usable for 6 years.


Healing of canker.

Operating tips:

Apply directly on the canker sore using the spatula, preferably before meals, up to 4 times per day for 3 to 5 days, so that the healing process is complete. The 10 ml vial allows 100 applications.


Cellulose derivative, acid, acid Carboxyliques, alcohol, water, flavouring.


10 ml vial