Mercurochrome box 1st relief multi-purpose 100 dressings


SKU: 2050153 mercurochrome box 1st aid multi use 100 dressings


Mercurochrome laboratories have designed dressings classics multi-format to protect wounds. There are two types of dressings:

  • very soft flesh-colored dressings that accompany your movements like a second skin,

  • transparent dressings providing discreet protection daily.

Dressings are available in 3 formats each ' a.

These dressings are microaeres which allows the skin to breathe normally. In addition, hygiene is perfectly respected thanks to the officers that they contain. Compress is non-stick, it does not stick to the wound which allows not to hurt and to be able to remove it easily.

Dressings are placed in a rigid box to better keep.

Tips for using Mercurochrome:

Clean the wound properly and its periphery. Exit the dressing of its packaging and remove protective fins. Apply the Central compress on the area protected. Well adhering dressing on all 4 sides. Renew as often as necessary and at least once per day.

Possible reuse of the dressing causes a loss of performance and a risk of contamination.