Mercurochrome blades cut-horns universal 10 units


SKU 2050937


Removes the horns


Cup-horns of the laboratories Mercurochrome blades are easy to use, universal and simple to change. The + Mercurochrome: thanks to their universal format, the blades are for use on all types of cutting-horns.

tips to use:

To change the blade: 1 - move the cursor towards you to unlock. 2 - insert the new blade. 3 - replace and push the slider to block.


Do not use on irritated skin. Do not use on damp or wet feet. Do not press too hard. Do not attempt to remove important layers of skin at a time. Hold the blades and cutting-horns out of the reach of children. Keep blades away from moisture. This product is not suitable for diabetics or people suffering from venous circulatory disorders.


10 blades