Mercurochrome bandages sterile waterproof 10 dressings

Waterproof Sterile dressings to water for protection at sea, bath, swimming pool.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

SKU: 2050156


Sterile and waterproof, very tolerant dressings for skin, were covered with gauze with a non-stick veil to be waterproof:

-water (taken baths and showers)

-bacteria, they eliminate the risk of external contamination.

Flexible, comfortable and transparent, it does not reduce mobility and to monitor the State of saturation of the compress. Painless removal, these dressings are sensitive skin.


These waterproof Sterile dressings to water and bacteria are intended for people wishing to protect an area of the body in a humid environment (sea, bath, swimming pool).

Operating tips:

Do not apply on a still bleeding wound. Widely disinfect the wound, rinse and dry thoroughly, then apply the dressing. Possible reuse results in a less good performance of the dressing and a risk of infection.


Box of 10 dressings 10 cm x 7 cm