Mercurochrome balm Ultra repair 40ml


SKU 5111632 mercurochrome balm Ultra repair 40ml

Properties: cracked heel areas are unsightly: should nourish the skin intensively in order to give it flexibility and relieve tightness associated with dryness. the Baume ultra-reparateur was designed specifically for very damaged feet which directly target areas cracked through the cannula tip. Ultra-reparateur balm has a rich texture, obtained thanks to a cocktail of assets: - wheat germ oil helps in the regeneration of the skin cells - Shea butter nourishes the skin intensively - aloe vera has demulcent properties formula repairs cracked areas, and used regularly, the baume ultra-reparateur promotes the regeneration of the skin. operating tips : place the cannula tube on the cracked areas for targeting areas weakened. apply the balm regularly, and preferably before bedtime to allow penetrating balm longer for best results.