Merck Bernard pain muscle belt heating Bas du Dos + 4 patches

heating belt to relieve mild back pain and relax muscles.
Manufacturer: Merck Monot


SKU 6324761 <!-pagebreak Bernard pain muscle belt heating Bas du Dos + 4 patches


Bernard belt heater is a rechargeable and washable belt which broadcasts a constant heat for 8 hours.

It is perfect for the lower back muscle pain.

Indeed, it relieves mild lower back pain and relaxes muscles effectively.

Discrete and light, this belt will fit men and women.

The patch it is activated to contact air. It gradually heats to achieve maximum heat in 30 minutes approximately.

Fabric is lightweight and comfortable. This belt can be worn under any clothing.


Back pain.

operating tips

Put a patch in each of the two compartments of the belt provided for this purpose. Then, place the belt on the lower back. Adjust the belt by turning the scratch size loosely.

Wear the belt during 8 hours.

After usage, keep the belt and throw the patch.


Iron, activated carbon, water and excipients.

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