Menophytea solar Capital 60 capsules

Menophytea solar Capital 60 Capsules is a dietary supplement that consists of one day and a night oil based capsule.
Manufacturer: Phytea
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SKU 4835865 Menophytea solar Capital 60 capsules


Menophytea Capital solar 60 Capsules is a dietary supplement that consists of one day and one night to base oils, vitamins and minerals.Every day, your skin is subjected to situations of oxidative stress due to long exposure to the Sun, smoking or pollution. This is why it is necessary to protect your skin from oxidative stress.This supplement contains two additional options, a formula of day and night formula:Day formula contains Grapeseed Oil of passion fruit, of oil from apricot kernels, lutein and vitamin C. Vitamin C is especially known because it protects cells against oxidative stress and helps the normal formation of collagen to ensure the function of the skin.The night formula contains valuable oils such as raspberry Grapeseed Oil and argan oil, as well as vitamin B6 and copper. The copper allows normal pigmentation of the skin and protects cells against oxidative stress.

Using advice:

bordeaux 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule Golden evening, taken with a glass of water. For at least 1 month, before, during and after exposure to the Sun. To renew if necessary.


Protect the skin against oxidative stress.