Menophytea puffs of heat day and night Cure 120 capsules

Reduces the discomforting conditions related to menopause.

Manufacturer: Phytea



SKU: 6055485 Menophytea puffs of heat day and night 120 capsules Cure 1 month


the hormone chanboulement who arrives at menopause cause sometimes of inconvenience, a large majority of women feel the flushing heat and night sweats. The dietary supplement Menophytea puffs of heat in summer specially designed to reduce these inconveniences. it is day and night and is recommended to women 45 years and older. It promotes the reduction of hot flashes and limit night sweats with a complex of natural origin, composed of 4 plant extracts: hops, flax, inulin from chicory and the Kudzu.

Menophytea puffs of heat tips:

take two green capsules in the morning and 2 capsules white at night with a glass of water. It is advisable to take this food supplement for 3 months for optimum performance. It can be taken continuously during the year if necessary.