Menophytea Menostick sleep 5g

Menostick sleep is essential Chamomile and lemon balm extract oil to help find a peaceful sleep.

Manufacturer: Phytea

SKU: 6587348 Menophytea Menostick sleep 5 g

Our pace of life at 100 at the time, urban life and the daily headaches can have negative effects on our sleep. Menophytea laboratories have developed Monestick sleep to facilitate sleep.


Menostick sleep is a herbal oil extract of lemon balm and essential comomille.

Chamomile is known for its soothing properties. Lemon balm extract complements this action.

Menostick sleep helps you quickly find a restful sleep. This stick discrete and convenient will accompany you everywhere. It offers fast relief.

operating Menostick sleep tips:

Use Menostick on the solar plexus (chest hollows) and behind the ears, before sunset.