Menophytea Menostick serenity 5g

Menostick serenity has anti-stress virtues and relaxing for you help find an emotional balance.

Manufacturer: Phytea

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Menophytea Menostick serenity 5 g


At the time of menopause, the hormonal chanboulement is intense, it can caused some inconvenience in the daily life of women. Mood disorders are often frequent. To appease this phenomenon Menophytea laboratories have developed Menostick serenity.


Menostick serenity is based on essential oils of Red Mandarin and Ylang ylang. These essential oils are recognized for their properties sedative, relaxing and sleeping. From the first application the soothing effect is immediate.

Menostick serenity operating tips:

Apply on the wrists, the lobes and behind the ears. The morning or any time of the day when necessary.