Menophytea hydration respondent cream 30ml

SKU: 2136028 Menophytea hydration respondent cream 30 ml


during menopause, women may have some intimate problems. The cream of care Hydration respondent Menophytea maintains the ideal hydration rate over the long term and protects the vaginal mucosa from external aggressions. Its cream-gel texture forms a protective and moisturizing film on the surface of the skin. This cream allows a simple and discreet.

Menophytea hydration respondent care cream Composition:

this cream contains extracts of vegetable origin moisturizing and soothing :

  • The marshmallow

it maintains a normal mucosal hydration rate

  • Grenada

she antioxidant properties, it protects from external aggressions and friction.

tips to use:

apply a 2 times per week.