Melvita honey orange blossom Bio 500g

Melvita honey organic Orange, medium intensity and floral flavours.
Manufacturer: Melvita


SKU 9748243 Melvita honey orange blossom Bio 500 g


Honey is produced by worker bees from the hive. It is recognized for its many virtues as well taste than for its skin benefits.

Honey orange blossom bio Melvita is moderate and has a very floral flavor.

Melvita honeys are harvested with great care, extracted by cold centrifugation and not overheated to provide their infinite number of flavor. Acacia honey has a sweet and delicate taste, it is the favourite honey of children.


honey orange blossom bio, floral flavor.

operating tips

1 to 3 tablespoons per day, depending on energy needs. Can be used for food preparation.


honey orange blossom bio.

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