Melissa Carmelites 100ml water

SKU: 6202265 water of Melissa des Carmes 100 ml

Melissa Carmelites Boyer, essential and natural water. warm in winter, cool off in the summer, gently erase a stroke of fatigue, discomfort of the daily - jetlag, stress, bad trips - facilitate the lazy digestions... The welfare solution? a rare wellness cocktail 14 medicinal plants:

Melissa - angelic - thrush - Cresson - lemon zest - Marjoram - cuckoo - Sage - Rosemary - Lavender - sagebrush - savory - Chamomile - thyme 9 spices:

coriander - cinnamon - clove - nutmeg - green anise - fennel- gentian - angelica root - root wood of sandalwood. Melissa, used since antiquity, is a perennial plant with slender roots whose leaves and flowering tops are used. It gives off a delicious lemon fragrance, where its other name, citronella. Sedative, antispasmodic, tonic and stimulating, it was once cultivated in the gardens of the convent. the other plants and spices, transported in the 19th century by tall ships of the Spice Route, are now produced and selected fresh or dried, in plantations around the world.