Mediflor Infusion Verbena Mint 24 sachets

SKU: 6256261 Mediflor Infusion Verbena Mint 24 sachets


To qualify for the benefits of the plants, the Mediflor laboratory has implemented Mediflor Verbena Mint infusion.

Laboratory Mediflor plants are strictly selected and controlled to ensure the quality of our infusions: botanical description, chemical and microbiological controls as well as the research of residues pesticide. laboratory Mediflor infusions are made from plants (cut bag) and packaged in bags paper woven, non glued for perfect conservation of aromas, flavors and their benefits , the plants are protected by a bag individual airtight.

Mediflor Infusion Verbena Mint operating tips:

put a bag in a cup and pour boiling water on the bag. Infuse 5 to 10 minutes before drinking. Then remove the bag from the Cup.

The infusion must be prepared at the time of employment.

This infusion can be taken daily.


The taste of this infusion can be enhanced with honey or with other plants in low dose.

Product to store away from light and moisture.