Mediflor BREW Chamomile 24 sachets

SKU: 6278848 Mediflor BREW Chamomile 24 sachets


Plants treat the man since the beginning of mankind and have lost nothing of their interest. Today, a better scientific knowledge of their effects, greater control over the selection and dosages make a solution more secure to relieve headaches daily.

the Mediflor laboratory therefore uses plants in these products to provide efficient natural to every day problems. It offers a wide range of brewing herbal strictly selected and controlled to ensure the quality of these infusions.

Mediflor BREW Chamomile is basis of the chamomile plant. Indeed, Chamomile is known contributes to the comfort of the digestion.

They can be eaten safely by young children.

Mediflor BREW Chamomile operating tips:

Take 2-3 cups per day.

Put a bag-dose in a cup and then pour boiling water on the bag. Let infuse for 5-10 minutes before drinking. The infusion must be prepared at the time of employment.

The flavor of certain infusions can be improved in the sweetening with honey, or parfumant them with other plants to incorporate in low-dose as anise, of the Mint, balm, thyme,...


Store away from light and moisture.

Box of 24 bags-doses.


Chamomile Matricaria