Medela Pump & Save breastmilk milk bags box of 20

Pump & Save bags allow the collection and storage of breast milk.

Manufacturer: Medela

SKU: 4619742 Medela milk breastmilk bags box of 20


bags Pump and Save for breast milk are safe and and practices for the collection, conservation and freezing breast milk. an adhesive strip allows you to directly collect milk in the bag. There is no risk of leakage because the bag is equipped with a system of easy closure with zip. bag stability is ensured through its bottom preformed so as to avoid spills. bags have a double wall for storage of the milk longer and safer, they are pre-sterilized.

Tips for using Pump & Save bags for milk mother:

wash their hands thoroughly with SOAP and water before expressing milk using a breast pump. Avoid touching the inside of the bag. Clean breast and area surrounding it using a damp cloth. do not use SOAP or alcohol, can dry the skin and cause chapping or crevices on the nipples.

storage and thawing breastmilk:

  • to preserve the components of the breastmilk, thaw the milk in the fridge its use or place it under warm, not boiling water (max. 37 C)
  • gently shake the bag to homogenise fats.
  • do not thaw frozen breastmilk in a microwave or in a pot of boiling water (burn could).