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ventilation of laboratories silicone Nipple protectors Medela.

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sometimes during the lactation period the nipples may be painful or crevices. the laboratories Medela Nipple protectors are intended to protect sore nipples or nipples any friction, thus giving the sensitive skin of the breast time to heal between breastfeeding sessions. perfectly adapted to your chest, soft and flexible silicone membrane gives the skin a true sensation of comfort. The location of the opening of the nipple-lies just above the nipple. they are discreet, invisible under clothing and comfortable to wear. Vent holes on the top of the Cup allow air circulation, preventing the formation of humidity and promoting healing.

indications of Medela nipple protectors: this protection can be extended without interruption between feedings to prevent friction and allow the collection of milk flows. Do not wear protection during the night to avoid cause sensitive pressure.