Medela disposable nursing pads box 30

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Utra-absorbent nursing pad against leakage of milk.

Manufacturer: Medela



SKU: 4450450 Medela pads of breastfeeding disposable box of 30


breast milk leakage can happen anywhere and anytime during the duration of breastfeeding. Laboratories Medela disposable nursing pads are invisible under clothing and offer comfort and security. disposable pads are recommended for leaks of abundant milk, unlike the washable pads. They are manufactured in an ultra exclusive absorbent. Practical adhesive strips keep in place the pads.

Indications of Medela pads of breastfeeding disposable:

  • unique materials moisture absorbent
  • adhesive tape keeps pad in place
  • flexible layer Wicks moisture away from the breast (dry feeling)
  • very discreet Port
  • Contours designed for a comfortable natural
  • -individually wrapped


place a nursing cushion in your bra after each feeding. After use, discard - the. When most important climbs of milk, it is advisable to change more often of pad.