Medela cups collection - milk box 2

The cups book-milk Medela, collect the milk and protects your clothes.

Manufacturer: Medela

SKU: 7889867 Medela cups collection-milk box 2


Medela puts all its expertise at the service of breastfeeding. the laboratory offers innovative products for ever more comfort while breastfeeding for MOM and baby. Cups collection-milk allow to collect the milk that flows from your breasts when the milk climbs everything in guarantee optimum comfort. thanks to their anatomical shape and their membrane supple, soft silicone, the cups are comfortable to wear and less visible under clothes. These shells are recommended during breastfeeding, when milk flows breast opposed to feeding or during the use of a milk tire. each shell is equipped with a convenient spout that allows you to pour easily the milk collected in a container.

Tips for using Medela cups collection-milk:

the cups and silicone membranes can be washed in the dishwasher or sterilised in a microwave. it is advisable not to wear the cups book milk 24 h on 24 after maternity because they often lead to an over stimulation of lactation and risk of waterlogging.