Medela Compresses Hydrogel box 4

hydrogel pads that relieve the nipples through the action of cold.

Manufacturer: Medela

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SKU: 6207038 Medela Compresses Hydrogel 4 box


4 Compresses Hydrogel 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm composed of water and Glycerin. They soothe sore nipples during breastfeeding. the pads not adherent not to the wound and are translucent. they provide a moist environment at the wound for a better healing while avoiding tissue maceration. compresses protect contamination bacterielle, of a drying of the wound and therefore of chaps, they absorb runoff. Putting them in the refrigerator before use relieves pain by the action of the cold.

Medela Compresses Hydrogel operating tips:

need to clean them was water before each feeding, put them in their aluminium packaging and place them in the fridge. apply a compress again on the nipple after feeding. these compresses are usable only 10 days maximum. If they become opaque or sticky should be more used.