Medela Calma tip

Tip Calma is innovative and facilitates breastfeeding.

Manufacturer: Medela

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where breast-feeding is not possible, the range Calma laboratories Medela is the best option to give breast milk to baby . a recent study on the infant at the breast sucking has put in front of the implications allowing us to develop a solution of innovative food for mothers who wish to breastfeed their child.

  • vacuum plays a key role in the extraction of the milk: This means that the baby must suck to effectively drain the milk
  • the language does not follow a Peristaltic motion, so baby does not merely pinch the nipple when ' it sucks, it performs movements combined the language and JAWS
  • breast, baby learns a technique of single suction, it sucks, swallowed and then breathes and, according to its own rhythm: baby needs to pause to breathe and drink quietly in order to maintain a good oxygenation.

he passes so the breast to the bottle and returned more easily to breast. so you can continue breastfeeding as long as you want even after the resumption of work. the size of the Tip Calma is suitable for the duration of lactation. its mounting ring fits perfectly to baby bottles and tires-milk Medela.