Mavala Mavalip Lipstick Sofia Colour 102

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Long-lasting and protective red lipstick.

Manufacturer: Mavala



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Lips need special attention. Made up of pink mucous membranes, they are, unlike the epidermis, deprived of protection against external irritations. Therefore lips are more exposed to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun, pollution etc. Mavala laboratory has created a protective epidermal hydrolipidic film, composed of lecithin and sterols, substances incorporated into all Mavalip lipsticks. Its regular application prevents from chapping and drying out. It improves suppleness and help moisturizing the lips. Easy and uniform application. Does not run.

How to use:

Apply Mavala Lipstick Sofia to the upper lip, then onto the lower lip, starting from the centre of the mouth to the outside by placing the bevelled part of the stick against the lips. For a neat and precise application, you can use a lip brush.