Mavala Colorfix 10ml

Fixer lacquer to protect the flaking varnish and gives it shine.
Manufacturer: Mavala


SKU 0090701 Mavala Colorfix 10 ml

Nail Polish Flake quickly especially of hands because it is often facing shocks or liquids.


The Mavala laboratory therefore proposes a set of products for the care and beauty of the nails. All care Mavala are highly efficient and quality.

Mavala Colorfix is a fixative for varnish nail. Reinforced with acryl, this colourless Fixer form a shiny, hard, elastic film on the nail. Thus, the varnish is protected from chipping and lasts longer.

In addition, Colorfix gives brilliance to the nail polish.

Your nail polish remains flexible and resists shock he receives throughout the day.

Tips for using Mavala Colorfix:

Apply normally.

When the last coat of varnish is dry, apply Colorfix over the entire surface of the nail particularly on the tip and the underside of the nail.

Some days after the manicure, a second layer of Colorfix will restore a new Sheen varnish.


Product manufactured in Switzerland.

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