Maternov Transit of pregnancy 10 square

Maternov transit of pregnancy, fruit and fibre-rich square.

Manufacturer: Maternov

SKU: 4025706 Maternov transit of pregnancy 10 square


Laboratory Maternov is the first laboratory dedicated exclusively to pregnancy.Present assets in their products are natural and preferably resulting of Agriculture biological.

Maternov Transit of pregnancy is a square made transit from pulp of figs, prunes and wheat bran paste.

Certified organic farming.

operating tips

Take 1 to 2 square fruit and fibre per day, preferably the evening sunset and outside meals.

The most: drink a large glass of water to support the effect of fibers.

Must not be a substitute for a varied and balanced, as well as a healthy lifestyle diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from light and moisture, in a cool, dry place.


corn syrup.. 0.2 g

fig paste.. 6.3 g

wheat bran.. 2.5 g

prune paste.. 0.5 g

acacia gum.. 0.28 g

sunflower oil.. 0.22 g