MASMI Tampons Super with applicator 14 units organic cotton

Buffers in organic cotton with applicator, for stream abundant.

Manufacturer: Masmi

SKU: 4867204

MASMI Tampons Super with applicator 14 units organic cotton


hypoallergenic, they help to prevent the risk of irritation and allergy.Special veil of security, 100% which surrounds the absorbent core and avoids that fibres remain adhered to the inside during its extraction cotton.Applicator 100% Biodegradable cardboard with one end rounded in petals of flower for inserting more convenient and gentle. cord Extractor completely sewn to the absorbent core.Individually packed.Without fragrance or super absorbent.Do contain viscose.Bleached without chlorine and dioxin.


VISCOSE. The absorbent core of most buffers that we usually find in the market is developed with your viscose. Viscose is a high absorption fiber which can make the buffers more absorbent but more dangerous. Viscose is not a natural fiber, it is obtained after the treatment of the wood fibres by acid.

veil of security. A large part of the buffers that are currently on the market do not veil of security that surrounds the absorbent core, we therefore run the risk that certain fibres remain adhered to the vaginal wall with extraction buffer.