Marimer Baby Hygiene nasal nose 100ml

Decongestion of the nose blocked especially in cold or when the congestion seen during the inspirations of baby related to a congested nose.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert

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SKU: 4667143 Marimer Baby HygiNe Nasale Nez Bouch 100Ml


Until the age of 6 months, the infant is exclusively nasal respiration. Colds or strong inspiration related to a congested nose, MARIMER BABY nose mouth enables cleaning and the decongestion of nasal.

It can be used as a complement to treatments for ENT disorders.

directions for use:

1 to 2 spray (s) per nostril, preferably before each meal, 1 to 3 times per day depending on requirements.

Read these instructions carefully before use.

This medical device is equipped with a microdiffusion process which facilitates the evacuation soft nasal secretions.

Its broad safety tip allows safe use in infants from birth (do not use in premature infants, do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to seawater).


100% sterile hypertonic diluted sea water (equivalent to 22 g/L of salts).


100 ml spray