Marie Rose Spray repellent repellent 100ml

SKU: 2096602 Marie Rose Spray repellent repellent 100ml


For more than 20 years, Mary Rose laboratories have developed real expertise against any inconvenience due to insect biting. the repellent spray protects you for 8 hours against mosquitoes. The effect is immediate. This spray allows you an easy and hygienic application on the entire body and face. Its formula based on natural active ingredients ensures natural protection guaranteed paraben and phenoxyethanol-free

Tips for using Spray repellent Marie Rose:

  • shake well before use.
  • Apply repellent spray to natural assets to approximately 10 cm of skin on all exposed parts of your body. If necessary, spread with the hand.
  • Renewing the application based on the sweating, no more than 3 applications per day