Marie Rose repellent and soothing 150ml

SKU: 2096509


The spray deterrent and soothing Marie Rose protects you instantly and permanently against mosquito bites, focusing performance and additional assets:

-The Allantoin and menthol to soothe quickly.

-The IR3535 (20%) to effectively repel mosquitoes and mosquito Tigers 8 hours.

A single application suffices to protect and soothe.


This spray is ideal for skin attacked by mosquito bites. It soothes and protects lastingly.

Operating tips:

External use. After shaking the spray, spray the repellent to about 10 centimeters of skin on all exposed parts of the body. Avoid the face. You can spread with your hand if necessary. Do not exceed 4 applications per day.


Ethyl N-acetyl-n-butyl-.beta.-alaninate (case # 52304-36-6): 20% (m/m).


Spray 150 ml