Marie Rose repellent 150ml

Protects from attacks of mosquitoes Europeans and Tiger for 8 hours

Manufacturer: Marie Rose

SKU: 2096503


Made a very effective repellent asset-based, the repellent Marie Rose offers protection for 8 hours against the European mosquito bites and mosquito Tigers. Its spray allows a very easy application. Its fragrance and its non-oily texture leave you a pleasant sensation of freshness after use.


Spray repellent Marie Rose is perfectly adapted to all types of aggression-prone skin and the mosquito bites.

Operating tips

External use. After shaking the spray, spray the repellent to about 10 centimeters of skin on all exposed parts of the body. Avoid the face. You can spread with your hand if necessary. Do not exceed 3 applications per day.


Ethyl N-acetyl-n-butyl-beta-alaninate (case # 52304-36-6): 20%(m/m).


Spray 150 ml