Manix Skyn Original Pack of 20 condoms

Feeling to do nothing about having a maximum protection

Manufacturer: Manix

SKU: 5146889 Manix Skyn Original

Properties Manix Skyn Original:

Manix used a revolutionary material to design these Skyn condoms to find sensationsnaturelles, most intense and sweet. This technology combines high strength and touch responsiveness: sensation of nothing more wear.

Ultra-lubrifiant gal used rand report sexual yet extreme ples through the long effect of SOE this gel.

indications manix Skyn Original:

these preservtaifs are recommended for people who are allergic to latex. Indeed, these are drawn up without latex or natural rubber.

Keep away from the rays of the sun somewhere cool and dry.

Manix Skyn Original operating tips:

Update prior to sexual intercourse.