Manix Skyn Original 10 condoms

SKU: 5112732 Manix Skyn Original Maxi Pack 10 condoms

indication: Skyn. feeling nothing porter. almost imperceptible matter. 12 condoms prenium without latex. Tecnologie Sensoprne. ready for the experience of the condom 'new generation'? Manix Skyn is a revolutionary prenium condom designed in Sensoprne, almost imperceptible matter that renders the best sensations. With Manix Skyn discover the sensation of nothing porter. softer feel and more natural clinically proven. combines the strength of a condom LaTeX with the sensitivity of a condom ultra fin. each condom of this box is tested electronically: protection maximum thin condoms, lubricated with reservoir. Important: Manix Skyn condoms are free of natural rubber latex. They are therefore recommended for people allergic to latex. For maximum protection, read the enclosed instructions carefully and follow the advice of use. the condom use cannot guarantee a 100% protection against pregnancy or disease sexually communicable. operating tips: 1. One or other of the partners can put the condom on the penis erect during foreplay. Avoid contact between the penis and the body of the partner before the implementation of the condom to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. 2. Make sure that the part to place is outside. If it is indoors, the condom is upside down. Ensure to carefully grasp between fingers the top of the condom (reservoir) to expel air, the air left inside that may cause its failure. 3. Still maintaining the reservoir between the fingers, place the condom on the tip of the penis in erection and use the other hand to continue to completely unroll the condom along the penis. During the report, if the condom begins to curl in on itself, put it back in place immediately drop it again before continuing the sexual relationship. If the condom be removed completely, put a new before continuing the relationship sexual. 4. To withdraw immediately after ejaculation and before the end of erection, while firmly holding the condom at the base of the sex. Expect to be completely removed before removing the condom. Ensure yet to avoid any contact of the penis and the used condom with the body of the partner. Throw the condom of hygienically: roll it in a paper and put it in the trash. Do not dispose of in toilets. Composition: made from polyisoprene.