Manix Skyn Intense Feel 10 condoms latex free


SKU: 8165850 Manix Skyn Intense Feel 10 condoms latex free

Condom is a means of contraception and protection from sexually transmitted infections. But at the beginning of its use, it prevented the two partners to have as much fun as without a condom. Today, condom integrating more fun size.


Manix laboratory enjoys a high reputation because all condoms that he proposed are controlled and tested. Manix Skyn condoms are free of natural rubber latex. They are therefore recommended for people allergic to latex.

they have innovated a new kind of non-latex condom that gives intense sensations. Skyn Intense Feel is polyisoprene. This almost imperceptible matter can provide more intense sensations for partners.

this condom Skyn Intense Feel new generation combines high resistance to a high touch sensitivity. Partners will have the feeling to do nothing. Indeed, this condom renders an effect second skin.

in addition, intensely beaded texture positioned wave-shaped on the most sensitive areas provide maximum stimulation and even more fun. Its ultra long lasting effect lubricant makes the report even more intense.

the sensations are natural for him and stimulations are intense for it.

Manix Skyn Intense Feel operating tips:

use a new condom before every intimate relationship. If necessary, use with a lubricant suitable for condom.

  • tear the bag carefully without using nails, teeth, or anything that may damage the condom.,

  • do not unroll the condom before putting him on the penis. Put the condom - edge wrapped on the outside - on the penis before any contact,

  • make sure that the condom goes easily. Otherwise, or if it is rough, it better change of condom. It is possibly expired or damaged.

  • immediately after ejaculation, keep the condom on the penis holding it by the base

  • remove the condom, tie to avoid spilling sperm and throw it into the trash,

  • avoid contact of semen covered penis.


Condoms 53mm in width and 180 mm length.