Manix Massage Gourmand Gel Strawberry smooth 200ml

SKU: 6015540 Manix Massage Gourmand Gel Strawberry smooth 200ml

product description: you may not believe it when you try it! Massage gel Gourmand Manix is a killer! It does not stick, it is not bold, it has a viscosity perfect, and smell to lick their chops or rather your partner! indeed, what's most sensational massage or coating your partner of gel, rub to other in the hottest excitation and penetrate it then! Especially when your partner massage Gel Gourmand-coated Strawberry Malabar smell! so-called smooth Strawberry! its pressure, with its mysterious valve, single vial system is very convenient! Pressure and hop, no drips, no waste, it is nickel! used with his little brother aphrodisiac massage Gel, you turn into a ultra-torride woman any ice! P.S: Manix massage gel is compatible with all condoms and mucous membranes...