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MAM Soother 6 + m Silicone butterfly and box transparent sterilization

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SKU 5443096T mam Soother 6 + M Silicone butterfly and box transparent sterilization


MAM Soother Silicone 6 months butterfly and more anatomical Soother respects skin and baby smile. Sterilization.

Collar: wide opening which breathable skin and allowing to see the smile of baby

Button: easy to catch. Allows you to easily attach the pacifier clip.

Teat Slik: unique sweetness patented by MAM

MAM design: symmetrical shape that sits naturally in the correct position. Designed in collaboration with dentists to ensure optimal oral development. Easy sterilization.

tips to use:

before first use and after each use, clean the soother thoroughly and disinfect then. For the pacifier cleaning, we recommend a detergent and to first disinfect the boil. After cleaning or disinfection of the pacifier, pull out the contingent remainder of liquid in the shield and then let it dry.

Do not clean the soother in the dishwasher to avoid damage. Do not disinfect the soother in the microwave to avoid deformation and damage. Never attach Ribbon or cord to the pacifier, because your child could strangle. Before each use, inspect carefully, in particular when the child has teeth. Pull the pacifier in every sense.

Throw it to the lesser signs of deterioration or fragility. In some rare cases, children succeed in putting the completely pacifier in her mouth. In such a case, keep your calm. Thanks to its specific design, the pacifier can not be swallowed and two breathing in the flange holes ensure sufficient breathing. Gently remove the soother from the mouth of the child.

At the end of one to two months of use, replace the soother for reasons of security and hygiene. Even without apparent damage, the resistance of the pacifier may have decreased. Do not immerse the pacifier in a drug or sweet substances and suck don't yourself pacifier.

This could cause decay in your child. Do not leave the soother in cold disinfection solutions for longer than the period prescribed by the manufacturer. The materials could be damaged.




1 Soother + box sterilization

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