MAM Soother 6 + m Silicone butterfly and box blue sterilization

Anatomical Soother silicone which respects the skin and baby with its sterilization box smile.
Manufacturer: MAM
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SKU 5443096B Mam Sucette Papillon 6+M Silicone Et Boite De Strilisation Bleue


MAM Soother Silicone 6 months butterfly and more anatomical Soother respects skin and baby smile. Sterilization.

Collar: wide opening which breathable skin and allowing to see the smile of baby

Button: easy to catch. Allows you to easily attach the pacifier clip.

Teat Slik: unique sweetness patented by MAM

MAM design: symmetrical shape that sits naturally in the correct position. Designed in collaboration with dentists to ensure optimal oral development. Easy sterilization

tips to use:

before first use and after each use, clean the soother thoroughly and disinfect then. For the pacifier cleaning, we recommend a detergent and to first disinfect the boil.

After cleaning or disinfection of the pacifier, pull out the contingent remainder of liquid in the teat then let it dry.




1 Soother + box sterilization