MAM ring night Silicone 6 months plus x 2

To accompany the thrust of baby's teeth in the comfort

Manufacturer: MAM

SKU: 64145CC


Pacifiers night Mam in Silicone 6 months and more are the result of 35 years of research and collaboration between doctors, dentists and paediatricians. Their Silk teat ensures baby soft patented, and their symmetrical shape is naturally placed in the correct position. It ensures a healthy oral development. Available in 3 sizes for the safety and comfort of all babies, they are easily identifiable as phosphorescent, and the pacifier clip easily attached.


These pacifiers at night are designed for babies 6 months and older


Silicone. Mam products contain no BPA in accordance with the regulations in force.


A pacifier pink 'Chat' & a lollipop purple "OWL"