MAM Kit pump manual 1 age

SKU: 4014789 MAM Kit manual breast pump 1 age


MAM manual breast pump

-Adaptable: more comfort when using Rotary nozzle.

-Comfortable: alveoli massaging soft and flexible to stimulate lactation.

-Adjustable: intensity of adjustable suction as needed.

-Easy to use.

Contains: 1 pump + 2 bottles anti-colique MAM (160 ml and 130 ml) + 2 sealing discs. MAM is at your side to help you extend your breastfeeding with ease.

Breastfeeding is a unique moment of intimacy and sharing between a mother and her baby. It is important to preserve and extend.

The manual breast pump MAM helps moms who are breastfeeding of:

- stimulate lactation or relieve breast

- pass the baton from time to time to Dad or someone else

- continue to give their milk when they return to work, thanks to the anti-colique bottle.