MAM Second Stage Baby Bottle Teat Flow X 330ml (Yellow)

SKU: 2944366


Top of the range, uniquely designed baby bottle. Silky teat made from silicone for softness like no other. Bottle measure for precise measurements. Good handgrip and easy to fill.

1. Lid with measure: hygienic, anti-leak for easy measuring.

2. Silky teat: Preferred choice for 94% of babies. Flattened shape that fits well in the baby's mouth.

3. Large bottle neck: for easier refilling and cleaning.

4. Ergonomic: easy-to-hold for babies.

Approved by experts. Our teams have worked together to provide maximum safety. It is only after medical approval that MAM innovations can be put into the hands of infants.


Wash the bottle before the first use and after each use.


Bottle polypropylene. Silicone teat. No Bisphenol A.


330ml bottle.