MAG 2 Junior cocoa 60 chewable tablets

Tablets based magnesium chocolate taste for form and balance

Manufacturer: Cooper

SKU: 5186736 Mag 2 cocoa 60 chewable tablets

Properties Mag 2 cocoa:

In certain situations, the magnesium requirements are augementes (growth, physical effort, overactivity...).

Excitement, nervousness, tiredness, muscle genes are often the first signs of inadequate food intake of magnesium.

Mag 2 cocoa contains magnesium. Good chocolate taste, it allows in such cases to complete daily magnesium intakes.

Mag 2 cocoa operating tips:

chew 2 to 6 tablets per day by age during the day by parish priest of one month, renew if necessary.

Do not give to children less than 4 years.