Luc & La Kit birth 3 bottles pass wide

bottles with anti-colic valve, that can be used from birth.
Manufacturer: Luc et Léa


SKU 2647645 Luc & La Kit birth 3 bottles pass off


This birth kit Luc and Lea contains 3 bottles of 3 different sizes for baby meals. 150ml bottle, a bottle of 270ml and 330ml bottle. Each bottle comes with a nipple with anti-colique valve. This valve limits the flow of air when baby head so, your toddler is less expose to frequent the nourrison colic 0 to 3 months. More reinforcements anti-crush regulate flow during feeding.

Neutral silicone material gives them great resistance, physiological shape approaching as close the womb for baby's comfort and a transition smoothly at weaning. All bottles Luc and Lea are guaranteed without bisphenol A, easy to clean thanks to the wide neck.

Tips for using Kit birth 3 bottles:

It is recommended to sterilize the bottles before their first use. use a brush for a more accurate cleaning, disassemble the various elements of the bottle allow easier cleaning.

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