Luc and La ring teether Refrigerant turtle

turtle refrigerant teething ring to relieve painful gums of infants during teething.
Manufacturer: Luc et Léa
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SKU 7323692T Luc and La ring teether Refrigerant turtle

First milk teeth are an important step in the baby's life. But it is not always smooth. Indeed, teething is often difficult to live sometime. It is important to be able to relieve painful gums of infants.


Therefore, Luc and Lea offers the turtle refrigerant teether.

Indeed, this teething ring can relieve painful gums of infants during teething.

This playful torue ring is very easy to hold by the small hands of babies. It is flexible and nice chew. Its different roughness massage painful gums gently.

This teething ring is even more efficient because it allows, after a few hours spent at the expense, to immediately soothe toothache by making less sensitive dental breakthrough.

Addition, this ring was carried out in a non-toxic material meets all safety standards.

Tips for using Luc and Lea teether turtle:

Before first use, sterilize the ring cold or even wash it with hot soapy water by rinsing with clear water before giving it to the baby.

Ensure perfect condition of the ring and replace it as soon as the slightest wear.

Cool only in a refrigerator, not freezer.

maintenance tips:

Clean the ring in warm, soapy water. Rinse with clear water and dry.

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