Luc and La lollipop symmetrical Silicone I love my brother + 6 months


SKU 1605668 Luc Et La Sucette Symtrique Siliconne J'Aime Mon FrRe +6Mois


Luc and Lea pacifiers satisfy the need of baby sucking and him helping to reassure and to calm down. They adapt perfectly to the Palace of the babies and comply with the harmonious development of the gums and teeth. Without BPA flanges curved and very airy, avoid irritation and redness Breastshields silicone pacifiers manufactured in Europe complying with European standard EN 1400

tips to use:

before the first use, maintain the lollipop BEBISOL immersed in water by boiling for 5 minutes. Let it cool, then squeeze the teat out water that it could contain. (This is for hygiene reasons). Clean before each use.


1 Soother

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